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Selling your Diamonds? – Frequently asked questions Selling Diamonds related (FAQ ‘s)

Some common queries that our customers ask us. Selling your diamonds related – Frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered by our helpdesk. In case you have any further queries please contact us.



Q1. Is selling diamonds advisable ?

NO, We wouldn't advise selling diamonds, Re-sale markets quote a lower value when it comes to evaluation of diamonds. Selling diamonds should be the last option when it come to liquidation.

Q2. Do you buy only the gold and return my diamonds?

YES, we can unset your diamonds and purchase the gold. The diamonds will be returned to you after removal from the jewellery. (Charges are involved & may take up to 3 days)

Q3. Can i get a diamond certification at

We do not provide diamond certification service, but we can provide you reliable contacts where you can get it done yourself.

Q4. How do you determine the value of a diamond/s?

Re-sale diamonds / jewellery depends at the buyers discretion, Valuation is done based on the age, cut, color, clarity, sale-ability factors.

Q5. Is there any value for the other stone content in my jewellery ?

Stones such as American diamonds, zircons & Semi-precious stones like Ruby, Emeralds or sapphires do not have any resale value. However ornaments studded with natural diamonds & uncut diamonds will be considered if the stone quality is good.

Q6. Will my ornaments get damaged due to Testing?

NO your ornaments will not get damaged in the normal course of XRF test, however in rare cases if we feel further assesment is required then with your approval we will conduct tests which may require cutting or melting the ornament.

Q7. How are the payment done, how long will it take to credit the funds ?

All payments will be made as per our company guidelines either by CASH* / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS. (*Subject to statutory guidelines) CASH – Instant | IMPS – Instant | NEFT & RTGS – may take up to 3hours.

Q8. I am not a resident of Bangalore can i sell ornaments & what are the documents required ?

YES you can by providing 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address of any of your relatives who must be present at the time of transaction & 1 (Native) Address proof – refer chart (Documents required to transact)

Q9. Can i buy back my diamond ornaments once sold to

NO ! when it comes to diamond jewellery we are very clear that we are only the facilitators between you and the buyers, we may forward your request to the buyer but cannot guarantee the outcome.

Q10. What are your service charges on diamond jewellery?

Our Service charges on Diamond Jewellery & Solitiares 3-5%* depending upon the saleability factor / value.

Q11. Can I sell diamond jewellery belonging to my relative, neighbor, friend ?

NO you cannot, It is highly advisable that you don't take such a risk even if you are offered any kind of commission. You will be the primary convict in such fraudulent transactions and will attract harassment, fine & Jail term from the authorities. You can sell Gold / Silver / Diamonds which belong to you, your spouse or your parents with their consent.

Q12. Upto what quantities can be sold & can i sell my broken or tampered jewellery?

No quantity is too small or big for us, you can sell any quantity. YES we purchase broken gold jewellery if you provide a proper explanation for the same.

Q13. Do you purchase diamonds set in platinum?

NO ! Currently we are not purchasing platinum or diamonds studded in platinum.

Q14. Do you share my mobile no. / documents for marketing purposes?

Occasionally we will send you our offers & services but we would not use it with other third parties for marketing. Your documents will be stored securely for future transactions at DGold. We are liable to produce your details & documents to Government authorities if they request.

Q15 How will you determine the stone, beads, enamel or wax content in the jewelry?

If your jewelry contains any of the above elements our valuators will compare it to our master stone set to determine the stone density, This method may have a tolerance of +/- 0.5gms and does not involve any damage to the gold jewelry. In the case of wax filled jewelry we will heat the gold to drain out the wax content in our in-house workshop.

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