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release pledged gold

Release pledged gold & sell

pledged gold release

Release Pledged gold

We Release your pledged gold from gold loan co. & Banks. Stop paying interest ! We give financial support to release pledged gold. ! Act fast before it is auctioned !


selling pledged gold buyers

Step 1 – Find the Release value?

Call your financier provide him your gold loan account details and check your outstanding amount (principle + interest) to release the gold loan.

Step 2 – Preliminary estimation

Visit our office and present your gold loan document for a preliminary estimation. Do let us know the purities of the gold ornaments, place of purchase, time of purchase. A scenario report will be generated based on the information provided. If your Gold loan is release feasible then we will provide you with an offer. On your approval KYC will be collected and arrangement to release your gold will be initiated instantly.

Step 3 – Releasing the gold loan

Our evaluator will accompany you to the bank / finance company and make the payment directly on your behalf, After the gold is released you can head back to our office for final testing & valuation.

Step 4 – Testing & Valuation

Using the worlds most advanced SI Pin – Thermo XRF precious metal analyzer we shall determine the gold karatage & provide you a computerized evaluation of your ornaments & bullion.

Step 5 – Approval & Payments

On your approval & after verification of your documents, we shall initiate the payment by CASH* or IMPS/NEFT/RTGS for values instantly. For high value transactions home address verification will be mandatory which may take up to 30 minutes

Tip : When to Sell?

  • Selling Jewellery is painful, There are many sentiments attached towards it, However draining your monthly savings towards hefty interest payments is also not a the right financial decision. Most cases people end up paying considerable interest & also loosing their gold in auction process as repayment is not on time. Here are some tips you should consider & act fast.
  • Never take a loan if you are unsure how to repay the interest or principle. Sell it instead.
  • Never prolong the loan for more than 5 months, Most gold loan companies charge 2-3% interest per month, and interest gets compounded if its not paid on time.
  • Failure to pay interest will put your gold security at risk, Banks may auction it to recover the principle & interest on default. This way you will loose the actual potential value of the jewellery. Act immediately approach us and we shall help you release the gold before its auctioned.

Eligibility to Transact

  • Person must be above 23years of age to transact.
  • He/She shall bring along any family member / spouse if aged between 18  to 23 years or if valuation exceeds 1 lakhs.
  • Person will not be allowed to transact on behalf of friend or colleague.
  • Person can transact 2 times in a span of 60 days & after that home verification will be mandatory to transact further.


  • 1ID & 1Address proof is mandatory to transact. (Original / Digital version accepted)
  • Preferred docs - PAN, Aadhar, Passport, DL,Voters ID, Bank statement,Tenancy agreement or Utility bills not dated more than 2 months.
  • Bank A/c details required for all digital transfers.
  • Purchased Invoice copy must be provided if available.
  • Spouse / Family members ID & Address proof for transactions above 1 lakhs.

DGold Purchase conditions

  • Articles purchased by will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Valuation provided & accepted by the customer will be final, No claims will be entertained later.
  • Jewellery will be purchased "as is" condition, however in rare cases the evaluator may decide to alter or melt it upon customer acceptance.
  • All data collected will be shared with local authorities for crime monitoring.
  • reserves the right to decline any person / transaction which it may deem fit, No explanation shall be provided.


Trying to sell stolen or spurious articles is a criminal offense, Sellers must provide proper documentation to transact. We do not entertain minors under any circumstances. Persons between the age 18 to 23 years must have consent of their family members to transact. Verification will be done if necessary. reserves the right to reject any transaction, Suspicious transactions will be reported to the local authorities.

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Q1. What are the benefits Selling to DGold vs other gold companies ?

At DGold you will experience a host of benefits such as Professional approach, Fair valuation, Worlds most advanced SI Pin XRF Testing equipment (Table top view so that you can see the results yourself), Accurate deduction of impurities & other elements, At par with market prices, Lowest service charges & overall the best prices for your treasured possesions.

Q2. How is Valuation done and how long does it take?

Valuation is no more a complex procedure, there are NO scratch & acid tests involved, we use the worlds no. 1 testing table top equipment to evaluate your gold right in front of you which takes just 20 seconds per article.

Q3. Do you charge for Testing and Valuation?

Estimation is provided free of cost, but however if you only require a quotation and want to sell at a later point then valuation charge is Rs 200/test & Rs 250/test with a report. (The charges can be re-reimbursed if sold to DGold within 3 days)

Q4. How do you determine the value of a commodity?

Simple formula to determine the value of a commodity :
Weight of commodity (X) Purity Percentage (X) Buying rate = Value (-) service charges = Payout Value

Q5. Is there any value for the stone content in my jewellery ?

Stones such as american diamonds, zircons & Semi-precious stones like Ruby, Emeralds or sapphires do not have any resale value. However ornaments studded with natural diamonds & uncut diamonds will be considered if the stone quality is good.

Q6. Will my ornaments get damaged due to Testing?

NO your ornaments will not get damaged in the normal course of XRF test, however in rare cases if we feel further assesment is required then with your approval we will conduct tests which may require cutting or melting the ornament.

Q7. How are the payment done, how long will it take to credit the funds ?

All payments will be made as per our company guidelines either by CASH* / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS. (*Subject to statutory guidelines) CASH – Instant | IMPS – Instant | NEFT & RTGS – may take up to 3hours.

Q8. I am not a resident of Bangalore can i sell ornaments & what are the documents required ?

YES you can by providing 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address & 1 (Native) Address proof – refer (Documents required to transact)

Q9. Can i buy back my ornaments once sold to DGold?

NO we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately, only if you have opted for a EMI buy back scheme you will be able to retrieve your jewellery.

Q10. What are your service charges & how does it fare compared to other gold buyers?

Our Service charges are : Gold Jewellery 2% / Gold Bullion 2.5% / Gold Jewellery release from Banks & loan companies 3% / Silver Articles & Bullion 3% / Diamond Jewellery & Solitiares 3% (Please do not compare our fares & services with other gold buyers who charge from 0% to 3%, Other gold buyers may offer attractive rates but you will notice that their valuation will be the lowest. We follow a standard & a fair valuation procedure which will be beneficial to you always.)

Q11. Can I sell Gold / Silver belonging to my relative, neighbor, friend ?

NO you cannot, It is highly advisable that you dont take such a risk even if you are offered any kind of commission. You will be the primary convict in such fraudulent transactions and will attract harassment, fine & Jail term from the authorities. You can sell Gold / Silver / Diamonds which belong to you, your spouse or your parents with their consent.

Q12. Upto what quantities can be sold & can i sell my broken or tampered jewellery?

No quantity is too small or big for us, you can sell any quantity. YES we purchase broken gold jewellery if you provide a proper explanation for the same.

Q13. Do you purchase white gold?

YES we purchase white Gold, Rose gold, Pink gold, Yellow gold, and all colors shades of gold.

Q14. Do you share my mobile no. / documents for marketing purposes?

Occasionally we will send you our offers & services but we would not use it with other third parties for marketing. Your documents will be stored securely for future transactions at DGold. We are liable to produce your details & documents to Government authorities if they request.

Q15 How will you determine the stone, beads, enamel or wax content in the jewelry?

If your jewelry contains any of the above elements our valuators will compare it to our master stone set to determine the stone density, This method may have a tolerance of +/- 0.5gms and does not involve any damage to the gold jewelry. In the case of wax filled jewelry we will heat the gold to drain out the wax content in our in-house workshop.

Q16 What if i am not satisfied with your valuation after releasing the gold?

We put our best efforts to give you multiple scenario's before releasing the gold, however if the actual purities & stone weights differ then our scenarios can go wrong which is beyond our control. Under these circumstances we charge 3% service charges on the release amount for releasing the gold, You will be provided 12 working hours to arrange funds paid by us to collect your gold.

Q17 Upto what amount will be funded to release my gold?

We fund the entire release amount as required by you to close the loan.

Q18 How do you pay the financier / bank ?

In Case of NBFC / Gold loan companies they will accept Cash upto Rs 2 lacs, the balance will be transferred to Bank account.

Q18 How do you pay the financier / bank ?

In Case of NBFC / Gold loan companies they will accept Cash upto Rs 2 lacs, the balance will be transferred to Bank account.

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