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DGold Gold buyers & Silver buyers Bangalore -  We buy your old gold & silver jewellery, coins, bars & articles. Sell your unwanted gold & Silver for the best price, we have  advanced Spectrometers & computerized valuation for gold testing in house. Instant Valuation & spot cash or bank transfer vide IMPS / RTGS. We also release gold pledged in Banks & gold loan companies, We also sell Gold coins / bars ,  Silver bars for investment purpose.

Buy Gold & Silver Precious Commodity selling prices in Bangalore as on 20/07/2024 @ 10:30hrs IST

Gold buyers bangalore

Gold 24kt Rs/Gm*

gold jewelry buyers

Gold 22kt Rs/Gm*

silver buyers

Silver 99 bar Rs/Kg*

*GST 3% Additional, For Availability / Booking's / Delivery call 09880077297 / 08029700966. Minimum quantity applicable*

   Get spot Gold & Silver Rates on phone Send msg "OPT" on whatsApp no. 09880077297 - Gold buyers | Silver Buyers

DGold Testing & Valuation - Explainer Video

Get to know the process of selling gold at DGold India, State of the art Niton DXL SI Pin gold spectrometer testing, which is the most advanced machine with the highest accuracy in the world. View the results in real time which takes only 20 seconds to test your gold jewellery.

Sell Gold in Bangalore - Computerised Testing & Valuation / Immediate payments vide Imps / Cash*

Gold buyers

Procedure to Sell Gold

(At Gold buyers we buy all types Gold jewellery, coins, biscuits & bars in Bangalore, Sell your old gold today at with total assurance and get best price. We are professional gold buyers operating since 2007, (GST Registered) We use state of the art Xray Florescence (XRF) SI Pin gold testing machines to evaluate your gold. Our professional valuators will offer you the highest valuations for your ornaments.

silver buyers

Procedure to Sell Silver

Sell your old silver articles, jewellery, coins & bars. We buy silver on the basis of its purity and at the current market rates. Sell your unused and unwanted articles and convert it to Cash today!!. Instant valuation & Immediate payment options available. Sell your 999 silver coins & bars at for the best prices. No need to exchange for other articles just sell them for Cash now. Visit our DGold office today !

release pledged gold

Release Gold Loan & sell

Have you pledged your gold ? Are you unable to pay the interest on your gold loan ? Time to Act now !!. We release gold pledged at Banks, NBFC, Gold loan companies, stop paying compounded interest on your own money. We can help you clear the burden and you will not require to pay any interest in the future. Act now before its too late. Just Send us the pledged receipt (Pic) details on whatsApp no. 09880077297.

diamond buyers

Sell Diamonds & Platinum

We buy diamond Jewellery* & Solitaires*, If you plan to sell your Diamonds / jewellery we are here to purchase it. The Cut | Color & Clarity matters so please send the certificate / image on whatsApp no. 09880077297 and we shall reply asap. Diamond Certification service referral can also be provided at your request. (Diamond valuation by appointment only). purchases on the finest quality diamonds.

sell gold coin

Buy Gold and Silver

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion, We sell gold & silver coins in various denominations, Buy 24kt 999 purity gold at wholesale prices. Suisse coins & bars are considered the best form of investment in bullion for your future needs. Call us on 09880077297 for booking your gold & silver coins & bars. We also provide buyback options in case you decide to liquidate it.  Special buyback for customer loyalty program.

Eligibility to Transact

  • Person must be above 23years of age to transact.
  • He/She shall bring along any family member / spouse if aged between 18  to 23 years or if valuation exceeds 1 lakhs.
  • Person will not be allowed to transact on behalf of friend or colleague.
  • Person can transact 2 times in a span of 60 days & after that home verification will be mandatory to transact further.


  • 1ID & 1Address proof is mandatory to transact. (Original / Digital version accepted)
  • Preferred docs - PAN, Aadhar, Passport, DL,Voters ID, Bank statement,Tenancy agreement or Utility bills not dated more than 2 months.
  • Bank A/c details required for all digital transfers.
  • Purchased Invoice copy must be provided if available.
  • Spouse / Family members ID & Address proof for transactions above 1 lakhs.

DGold Purchase conditions

  • Articles purchased by will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Valuation provided & accepted by the customer will be final, No claims will be entertained later.
  • Jewellery will be purchased "as is" condition, however in rare cases the evaluator may decide to alter or melt it upon customer acceptance.
  • All data collected will be shared with local authorities for crime monitoring.
  • reserves the right to decline any person / transaction which it may deem fit, No explanation shall be provided.


Trying to sell stolen or spurious articles is a criminal offense, Sellers must provide proper documentation to transact. We do not entertain minors under any circumstances. Persons between the age 18 to 23 years must have consent of their family members to transact. Verification will be done if necessary. reserves the right to reject any transaction, Suspicious transactions will be reported to the local authorities.
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